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1000 Denier Viper Cloth  Viper Cloth is a Cordura material that has been designed specifically for Snake Bite prevention.  It is marketed and sold as “Viper Cloth” due to its ability to prevent fang penetration from North American snakes.

ANSI 75 Steel Toe ANSI indicates that the safety toe cap has been tested according to the standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute.  These standards must be met by all footwear labeled with the ANSI Z41 PT 99 indicator.

Bay / Apache Upper – Bay Apache is the name of the leather which is a 5 to 5.5 oz leather that has a high level of wax and oil applied during the tanning process.  Bay Apache is a light brown or tan color leather.

Black Odessa Upper - Black Odessa is the actual leather the boot is made from.  It is 5 to 5.5 oz leather that is heavily oiled in the tanning process.  It is black in color and has high oil content.

Briar Pitstop - Briar Pitstop is the actual leather some of our boots are made from.  This leather has a lot of waxes and oils that are applied during the tanning process.  The concentration of the oils and waxes in this leather make it an “explosive” leather meaning that it has a lot of “pull up”.  This can be seen by folding the leather tightly, as this happens, the oils move around inside the leather creating a color change.  The color returns after the leather is returned to the original shape.

Brushed Nylex Lining -  This is a lining material that we use in our Sportility line of shoes that are made in China.  All of our linings have been developed to wick the moisture away from the foot to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

Burgundy Taibrelle Lining -  This is a lining material that we use in our Sportility line of shoes that are made in China.  All of our linings have been developed to wick the moisture away from the foot to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

Cambrelle Vamp Cambrelle is another high quality lining material that we use on our steel toe boots.  We only use Cambrelle in the vamp linings of our steel toe boots because of the high strength needed during the lasting process of the steel toe boots.

Chip-A-Tex waterproofing -  This is a Membrane / Bootie combination that we have developed.  This enables us to have our own registered waterproofing system.  We use very rugged testing procedures to ensure the boots do not leak.  These are water proof boots.

Chukka - A short 5 or 5.5” tall shoe that usually has three or four eyelets.  This can be plain or mocc toe.

Dri-Lex Lining This is a lining material that we use on our boots that has a high abrasion rating and a very high wicking ability to keep the foot dry and comfortable.  Dri Lex has been approved by the American Podiatric Society for use in footwear.  This indicates that it is a very good lining material.

Dri-Lex Vamp and Gusset This indicates that the Dri Lex lining is used on the Vamp and Gusset of the boots only and not the entire inside of the boot.

Dri-Lex Quarters This indicates that Dri Lex is used on the Quarters of the boots and not the entire inside of the boot.  

Drill Vamp Lining Drill is the type of material that is used in the vamp lining.  It is a cotton type material that is used in basic footwear.   

Electrical Hazard Rated - Electrical Hazard ratings are attained by sending three pair of boots to an independent testing facility to be tested.  There are standards that have been set up by the ANSI committee that the boots have to meet.  The EH rating indicated that the boots will protect the wearer from electrical hazards coming from the bottom of the boot in case they step on a live wire or current.  This protection is only for voltage up to a certain level.  EH rated boots must have a safety toe cap.

Expresso Cordura - Espresso Cordura is the same Viper Cloth material that is described above.  It should be listed as Espresso Cordura Viper Cloth.

Flexwelt Insole - Triple Density Foam Footbed with Contoured Arch Support.   It features Air ventilation channels for moisture management, flanged perimeter edge for comfort transition, maximum 3% memory loss and flex groove in middle.   Anti-microbial hydrophilic-filler resists odor and bacteria and absorbs moisture.  Other features include a 1" wide triple ribbed steel shank, 4 iron high tech rubber midsole for flexibility and durability,  flex grooves for added flexibility, and Air holes for Breathability and moisture dissipation. 

Goodyear Leather Welt Goodyear Welt is a type of construction method used on our boots.  It is a very durable and rugged technique that makes for a long lasting boot.  In most cases, when boots are made on this construction, they can be re-soled.  The Leather welt is the actual material that is physically stitched to the insole of the boot that holds the sole on.

Goodyear Leather Storm Welt The same as above, but this type of Welt has a bead on the top that will prevent dust particles and other material from getting inside the boot at the welt line.  This is usually used in heavy duty footwear.

Injected Waterproof Injected would indicate the sole attachment technique used.  This is when the polyurethane midsole is molded to the bottom of the boot and then the sole is cemented to the midsole.  The waterproof technique used on this construction is based on waterproof leather with a sealant applied to the inside of the boot along all the seams.  There is no bootie or membrane involved in this type of footwear.

J-Flex--Tough on the toe and heel but flexible in the middle where the foot bends, J-Flex Comfort System is stylish and durable as well as comfortable to the foot.

Kipskin is leather prepared from the skin of young or small cattle, intermediate in grade between calfskin and cowhide.

Lamb Shearling Lamb Shearling is a natural lining material that is made from real Lambs wool.  It is the absolute best lining material that can be used in footwear because it has a natural insulating ability as well as a lining material.  It is very expensive and only used by quality footwear manufacturers.

Mocc Toe -  This is the design that goes around the outside of the top of the foot.  It has no functionality but it looks really nice on some shoes.  It is called a mocc toe because the design was copied from the original hand sewn moccasins that were made years ago.

Nitrile Sole - Synthetic Leather soles - Polyurethane double density that is oil resistant and non marking. Used in safety boots and firefighting boots.

Orthotic -  This is a removable insole that we use for comfort to the wearer.

Polyurethane This is a polymer that has multiple uses.  It can be molded into any shape.  We use polyurethane midsoles on our injected product and we also use Polyurethane orthodics for comfort on the inside of the boots.

Removable Orthotic Insole -  This is the same information described above regarding the Orthodic.

Ruby Nylex Lining This is a high quality lining material that we use in our Sportility line of shoes which are made in China.  All of our linings have been developed to wick the moisture away from the foot to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

Sportility This is the name of the line of boots we have that are made in other areas of the world than the United States.

Soft Ice /  Saltillo  - Soft ice is calfskin and saltillo is cowhide. These are the leather names that the tanner uses like "bay apache" or "copper grizzley".

Steel Shank The steel shank is a piece of steel that is about 1” wide and about 4” long that is placed in the boot during the bottoming process in manufacturing.  It runs from heel to toe and is place in the boot starting at the heel and goes towards the toe.  Boots with steel shanks are more rugged and durable than boots with fiberglass or plastic shanks.

Taibrelle -  Taibrelle is a lining material that is used in our Sportility boots.  These are made in China.  

Tekno Crepe Sole -

Texon Insole -  Texon is a material that has been developed especially for use in footwear.  It is a breathable material that is flexible and durable.  It is used on the highest quality footwear.

Thinsulate  -  Manmade microfiber created by 3M that traps insulating air to keep you warmer.   It is non-bulky, lightweight, compact resistant and durable.   Warmer than foam, felt, pile for the same thickness,  it insulates under damp conditions absorbing less than 1% of it's weight in water and dries quickly.    

Unit Heel - One-Piece Heel and Sole sometimes called Tekno Crepe outsole.  Composition is blown rubber and polyurethane.

Vamp - Piece of leather forming the top of the front part of a shoe,  not the upper.

Vibram Black Portland Yellow Plug Outsole -  Vibram is the maker of the sole, Portland indicates the tread design.  This is a semi rugged lug design suited for hiking, hunting and work applications.

Vibram Mini Lug Yellow Plug Sole Vibram is the maker of the sole, they are known worldwide for the best soles in the footwear business.  The Mini Lug is a tread design that has multiple uses.

Vibram Montana Yellow Plug Sole Again, Vibram is the maker of the sole, Montana indicates the tread design.  This tread design has a “luggy” design that is more rugged and can be used from a work type application to a light hiking or hunting boot application.

Vibram Robinson Gumlite Outsole -  Vibram is the maker o f the sole.  Robinson is the tread design which is more of a utility type design.  We use this sole on our snake boots.  It is a semi flat tread design almost like a wedge.  The Gumlite indicates the composition of the rubber that is used in the sole.  Gumlite is a “blown” sole that is not as dense as the regular rubber soles.  It is a light weight sole so the life expectancy is somewhat shorter than the regular rubber compound.

Vibram  - In 1935, Vitale Bramani led an expedition into the Italian Alps.   The climber used heavy, hobnailed boots for the approach, but then switched to thin-soled rock climbing boots for the assault.   These climbing boots proved fatal when the expedition was hit by thick fog and a blizzard.   Six climbers died from frostbite and exposure.      It was this tragic experience that drove Bramani to created and patent an all-purpose climbing sole,  one that was lightweight, long-wearing and flexible.   He developed rubber compounds with excellent traction and high resistance to abrasion.  He designed a new lug sole and called it Vibram,  after his own name.     Vibram soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest and to become a legend throughout the world.   Yet, the search for better soling products has never stopped.    Vibram soles are now found not only on boots, but on a wide range of fine casual, service and dress footwear.    Look for the distinctive Vibram octagon with the Vibram name inside;  it's the symbol of excellence.      Today, the Vibram brand is recognized worldwide as the leader in high performance soling products for outdoor, dress casual and service footwear.    For more information about Vibram soling products call 1-800 Vibram7.    

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